Celebrate Our First Birthday With The Top Stories From Year One

Yeah No Great officially launched Nov. 22, 2019 as a way to share my love of music and the search for vinyl across the Midwest.


Year one had it’s ups (fun finds diving into record store bins) and downs (thanks, rona). But the one thing that has been a constant has been the ability to contact with people (safely) in-person and online who share that love of collecting vinyl.

Here is a look back at the most popular articles from the first year of Yeah No Great.

10. Vinyl Emporium Is A Lucky Find At Lucky 7 Antiques: A quirky antiques store in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is not only loaded with classic goods, but it also features a record store inside an antiques store.

9. 10 Least and Most Difficult Releases To Find During RSD Drop 1: After a couple reschedules, Record Store Day turns into three RSD Drops in 2020.

8. Five Easiest Releases To Find On RSD Black Friday 2019: A coconut-scented Lizzo album, Pearl Jam unplugged and other notable names lead limited edition releases for the Black Friday version of Record Store Day in 2019.

7. Getting Lost In The Vintage Vinyl At North Street Records: Plan to spend several hours inside this Normal, Illinois, record store that has sections for everything from spoken word and racing albums to Shakespeare and children’s music.

6. Five Most Annoying People You Meet In Vinyl Collector Facebook Groups: This list could probably be 20 instead of five. There really are some great people in these groups, but the elitist-types are locked and loaded, ready to ruin it for everyone else.

5. Five DIY Solutions For Storing Vinyl Records: The never ending quest to find the perfect storage solution continues. I’ve changed my shelving situation three times since this was first published.

4. Illinois Record Store Reopens to Public, Donates Profits to NAACP: Reopening to customers after being closed due to a stay-at-home order to prevent the spread COVID-19, Waiting Room Records in Normal, Illinois, turned the event into a fundraiser for the local NAACP chapter.

3. America’s Groove: When Your Shopping List Includes Vinyl, Action Figures and a Yoda Mask: The first record store profile took Yeah No Great readers to the original location of America’s Groove in Effingham, Illinois. This fun record store is full of personality. Come for the records, stay for the video games and toys.

2. New Location Announced For America’s Groove: As if you needed more proof that America’s Groove is a cool place. It store occupies two spots in our top 5 most read stories

1. Cover Story: Inside Urbana’s American Football House: An iconic Illinois house that graced the cover of an iconic album. Not only is this the most-read article from the first year of Yeah No Great, but it also has been the most-read article nearly every day since it was published.

Whether you read one article or all of them, thank you for your support during year one of Yeah No Great. Expect more record store profiles, inside looks at album covers and more adventures at record stores throughout the Midwest in year two.

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