10 Least and Most Difficult Releases To Find During Record Store Day Black Friday 2020

Is your wallet ready for another Record Store Day event?

After three monthly RSD Drops in August, September and October, Record Store Day Black Friday 2020 arrives Nov. 27.

This year’s RSD Black Friday will feature 134 exclusive titles. That is down from the 183 limited releases featured in 2019.

While there may be as many albums set for a Black Friday release, there are still plenty of big names on the schedule this year.

Here is the vinyl you are most and least likely to find in your favorite record store during Record Store Day Black Friday 2020.

Most Likely To Find

IGA Records
  1. U2 “Boy – 40th Anniversary Edition” (10,000 copies)
  2. Alice In Chains “SAP” (8,500 copies)
  3. Beastie Boys “Some Old Bullshit” (8,000 copies)
  4. My Chemical Romance “Life On The Murder Scene” (7,500 copies)
  5. George Harrison “My Sweet Lord” (7,000 copies)
  6. Public Enemy “Power To The People And The Beats” (7,000 copies)
  7. Chris Cornell “Patience” (6,000 copies)
  8. The Weeknd “After Hours (Remixes)” (5,000 copies)
  9. Lou Reed “Live at Alice Tully Hall – January 27, 1973 – 2nd Show” (5,000 copies)
  10. Lil Wayne “Tha Carter V (Deluxe)” (5,000 copies)

Least Likely To Find

  1. Bob James “Nautilus/Submarine (Remixed)” (500 copies)
  2. High Pulp “Mutual Attraction Vol. 1” (750 copies)
  3. Doyle Bramhall II “Be Here Now (featuring Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks)” (750 copies)
  4. Larry Mullins + Mike Watt “1970 (Parts I and II): A Tribute To The Stooges” (800 copies)
  5. Sun O))) “Flight Of The Behemoth” (800 copies)
  6. Round Robin And Brimstone “Round Robin and Brimstone” (800 copies)
  7. Los Straightjackets “Beatles vs. Rolling Stones” (800 copies)
  8. Half-A-Mill “Million” (800 copies)
  9. Jon Daly “Abracadabralifornia” (800 copies)
  10. Bilal and Nikki Jean “Black Coffee In Bed” (800 copies)

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