New Location Announced For America’s Groove

Effingham, Illinois’s favorite record store will soon be settling into a new home.

America’s Groove announced on its Facebook page earlier this month that it would be moving from it’s current location in Effingham’s Village Square Mall to a downtown storefront at 210 North Banker Street.

The America’s Groove experience is so much more than shopping at a record store. It’s reminiscing while looking at toys and video games from your childhood. It’s exploring the store and being greeted by a headless cowboy.

Rob Carroll photo

While America’s Groove won’t officially open at its new location until March, the store has already started having a “moving sale.”

A series of Facebook posts in recent weeks have highlighted various posters and other wall hangings the store is trying to sell before making the move downtown. “I can’t keep everything” one of the posts states.

No word on how long the “moving sale” will last, but if the posts from the last few weeks are any indication, you should probably keep an eye on the America’s Groove Facebook page.

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