Five Most Annoying People You Meet In Vinyl Collector Facebook Groups

I thought it would be great to join some Facebook groups for vinyl collectors when I started this site. Meet some people. Learn about some new releases. Maybe drop a couple links to my content in the group.

I am here today to tell you that the people in some of these groups are awful. They don’t make up the majority of collectors in these groups, but you should be ready to encounter these five types of annoying people when you join.

The person who wants to remind you there is NO “s” in the plural version of “vinyl”: Yes, we can all agree that it is “vinyl” instead of “vinyls.” There also is no “s” in “jerk,” which is what you are when you feel the need to correct every person who posts about their “vinyls.” One might assume this was an isolated incident, but this scenario plays out at least once a month in these groups.

The person who posts the cover of King Crimson’s “In The Court Of The Crimson King”: No album cover is posted more in these groups than King Crimson’s 1969 album “In The Court Of The Crimson King.” At this point it is more of a status symbol to show these groups “hey, I am a REAL collector.” Nobody cares. Also, five different people shared photos of them listening to that same album last week. Honorable Mention: The Mothers of Invention’s “Weasels Ripped My Flesh.”

Sony Records

The person who only posts photos of themselves holding records and not listening to them: I know this seems like a really particular thing to be annoyed by. Hear me out. There are people in these groups who like to pose with albums. They are the center point of the photo instead of the album cover. It’s not just one photo. It’s EVERY PHOTO THEY POST. We get it, you think you look hot holding that copy of “Dark Side Of The Moon.”

The person that wants you to comment on that “cool” thing they strategically placed in the background of the photo: A good 70 percent of photos in these groups are of turntables and stereo systems. About 50 percent of those photos are posted by people who want you to comment on something in the background of the photo. Sometimes it’s a toy. Sometimes it’s a joint or a bowl.

The person who wants to let you know how awful you are for buying a Crosely turntable: This person is lord of the vinyl collector Facebook group elitists. Excited that you just bought your first turntable, which happens to be made by Crosley, and want to talk about your new hobby? Weeeeeeell, you better pull up a chair (preferably facing the corner), and listen to how that hunk of junk you’re excited about is going to ruin every album you buy. These people are the ultimate gatekeepers. They refuse to let some noob have fun while they spew their elitist bullshit. Don’t listen to them. Listen to those albums on your new turntable.

Crosley via Amazon

Here are a few vinyl collector Facebook groups you should join. Just don’t be one of these annoying people.

Vinyl Record Addicts

Vinyl Collectors & Trading Group

The Other Vinyl Record Collectors Club

Sell-Trade-Buy-Vinyl Records

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