Chicago Tribune Newspaper Boxes Repurposed Into Record Player Stands

A Pennsylvania company is transforming decommissioned newspaper distribution boxes into useful stands for turntables and vinyl.

Impact Racks specializes in refurbishing old coin-operated newspaper boxes for a variety of uses including food pantries, movie props, walk-up libraries and record player stands.

The Impact Racks online store includes blank boxes that you can add your own personality to, or a variety of boxes patterned after notable newspapers. Among those available are boxes representing the Los Angeles Times, New York Post, Atlanta Journal Constitution and Chicago Tribune.

Rob Carroll photo

I recently had one of the Chicago Tribune boxes shipped to my house in Illinois. After a harrowing haul down to the basement (the box weighs approximately 65 pounds and comes with plenty of protective packaging), it has been one of my favorite additions to my office/listening area.

The Impact Racks website lists the interior capacity of the boxes as being able to hold 75 albums. Here is what I have loaded in there so far. There is additional space under the shelf, but it can be a little difficult to access when this thing is loaded with records.

Rob Carroll photo

The front window is made of a LEXAN polycarbonate sheet and features a holder on the inside, much like you would find displaying that day’s issue in a newspaper box. Instead, you can use it to safely display your favorite album cover or whatever is “now playing” on your turntable.

Rob Carroll photo

According to the Impact Racks website, these machines have been “refurbished, primed and coated with fresh white paint.” The rather strong paint smell coming from my basement confirms that statement.

Considering some minor work goes into these boxes prior to shipping, you can expect a little bit of a wait for your delivery after planing your order.

It took approximately a month from the time I ordered my stand until the day it arrived at my house in Illinois. It was definitely worth the wait

Rob Carroll photo

Looking for more unique ways to showcase your prized vinyl collection? Check out these five DIY solutions for storing records.

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