Record Store Aims To Keep Bloomington Warm During Frigid Winter

While the area might not see the heavy snow that typically falls in the northern part of the state, centrally-located Bloomington, Illinois still has its share of brutally cold winter days.

This year has been no exception.

Need proof? Check out the front window at Reckless Saint last week.

Reckless Saint, which opened April of last year at 320 North Main Street in Bloomington, has quickly gained a reputation as a store that gives back to its community.

Among the bins of vinyl, vintage stereo equipment and concert posters is a collection box that also offers an opportunity to score store discounts.

Rob Carroll photo

The theme of the box rotates. One month might be a collection of socks for families in need. The next month it could be hygiene and toiletry products.

Those donating items not only give back to their community, but they also get a little something for themselves. Donations are rewarded with a 25 percent discount on a used record or CD at Reckless Saint.

Rob Carroll photo

With central Illinois temperatures dipping into the negatives this past week, the store introduced the Warm Box.

Reckless Saint is now accepting donations of new winter hats, gloves, socks and thermal underwear for local families in need. The 25 percent discount on a used record or CD remains in effect, too.

Want to donate? Reckless Saint is open 11 am to 5 pm Tuesday through Friday and 10 am to 4 pm Saturday.

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