20 Easiest Record Store Day Releases You’ll Find In 2021

So, what are you getting?

The full list of limited edition releases for 2021 RSD Drops has been revealed. The list of 429 titles will be split between two drops on June 12 and July 17 this year.

Sure, we would all like to get everything we want on this list. But the reality is some of these albums won’t be on the shelf once you finally make it in the door.

Let’s keep it positive and talk about the ones you’ll probably find even if you aren’t first in line either day.

Here are the 20 titles that will be most widely available during the drops according to the official Record Store Day 2021 list.

Legacy Records
  1. Pearl Jam “Alive” (18,500 copies)
  2. Twenty One Pilots “Location Sessions” (16,000 copies)
  3. Amy Winehouse “Remixes” (13,000 copies)
  4. Prince “The Truth” (13,000 copies)
  5. Rage Against The Machine “The Battle Of Mexico City” (12,350 copies)
  6. Tom Petty “Angel Dream (Songs and Music From The Motion Picture ‘She’s The One’)” (12,000 copies)
  7. Flaming Lips “The Soft Bulletin Companion” (11,250 copies)
  8. Lady Gaga “Chromatica” (11,000 copies)
  9. Beastie Boys “Aglio E Olio” (11,000 copies)
  10. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young ” Deja vu Alternates” (10,000 copies)
  11. The Allman Brothers Band “The Final Note” (9,000 copies)
  12. Deftones “Digital Bath (Telefon Tel Aviv Version)/Feiticeira (Arca Remix)” (8,500 copies)
  13. John Prine “Live At The Other End, December 1975” (8,500 copies)
  14. Linkin Park “Meteora” (8,500 copies)
  15. Cat Stevens/Yusef “Songs From Harold & Maude” (8,000 copies)
  16. The Cure “Wild Mood Swings” (8,000 copies)
  17. The Cure “Faith” (8,000 copies)
  18. U2 “Fire (40th Anniversary Edition)” (7,500 copies)
  19. Ariana Grande “k bye for now (swt live)” (7,500 copies)
  20. Jerry Garcia Band “Jerry Garcia Band (30th Anniversary)” (7,500 copies

RSD Drops were introduced in 2020 to help regulate the amount of people in stores during the pandemic and also give owners multiple days to benefit from collectors.

Regardless of the name, expect a typical Record Store Day experience of waiting in line for limited edition vinyl during each drop.

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