New Releases

Best New Vinyl and Reissues Out June 5

Here is a look at notable new releases and reissues scheduled to be available at your favorite record stores on June 5.

El Michels Affair “Adult Themes”

Four Tet “Sixteen Oceans”

Free Nationals “Free Nationals”

Hinds “The Prettiest Curse”

Muzz “Muzz”

Phish “Junta” (Repressing)

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever “Sideways In New Italy”

The Stroppies “Look Alive”

Varsity “Fine Forever”

Editor’s Note: As always, these dates and titles could change. While I have your attention, do your part to learn about and respect those who are different from you. Hate is heavy. Love is lighter in your heart and mind, leaving you more room to grow in both.

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