Five Record Store Day Drop Releases That Will Have Me Waiting In Line

Now that we have all seen the list of RSD 2020 Drops, it’s time to start figuring out how early we will all have to stand in line on Aug. 29, Sept. 26 and Oct. 24.

Here are the top five albums I plan to grab during the 2020 RSD Drops.

Brandi Carlile “A Rooster Says” (Sept. 26): Carlile is this year’s Record Store Day Ambassador, only the second female artist to serve in the role since it was started in 2009. As part of her term, we get this exclusive release featuring a pair of Soundgarden cover songs from the Seattle native. Carlile covers “Black Hole Sun” and “Searching With My Good Eye Closed.” Expected quantity for this one is 10,000, so it should be fairly easy to grab.

The Allman Brothers “Fillmore West 1-31-71” (Sept. 26): The complete performance from their 1971 show at the Fillmore West in San Francisco comes to vinyl for the first time. This was previously released on CD last year. With this being a live album, of course all of the hits are there. “Midnight Rider,” “Whipping Post” and “Statesboro Blues” all make the setlist. The announced quantity for this release is 6,000. RSD 2020 is actually a great time to be an Allman Brothers fan. On the RSD 2020 Drop list for Oct. 24 are swirled colored vinyl versions of “An Evening With The Allman Brothers Band: First Set.” Quantities are limited to 1,000 each for the orange and black versions.

Drive-By Truckers “The Unraveling/Sarah’s Flame” (Aug. 29): I’m not big into 7-inch records, but I’d make an exception for this one after hearing DBT’s excellent full-length album that arrived last month. And yes, that one is called “The Unraveling” as well, but it does not include a title track. Instead, we get “The Unraveling” the song with Patterson Hood taking the lead vocals. Mike Cooley’s “Sarah’s Flame” is the B-side here. Hopefully others will be overlooking 7-inch releases during the RSD Drops. Expected quantity for this one is only 2,000.

Brittany Howard “Live At Sound Emporium” (Aug. 29): Howard’s solo debut, “Jaime,” made my list of top albums of 2019. For Record Store Day, she delivers six live tracks from a performance at Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville. All six songs are from “Jaime.” So if you were hoping for some of her songs from Alabama Shakes, you’re out of luck. And, really, “Jaime” is just as good, if not better than anything in the Alabama Shakes catalogue. Count on 5,000 copies for this one.

Motorhead “Ace Of Spades/Dirty Love” (Aug. 29): Every Record Store Day there is always that one album that is kind of gimmicky and you know you are falling for said gimmick, but you ABSOLUTELY have to have it. This year, it is limited edition picture disc celebrating the 40th anniversary of the release of “Ace Of Spades.” According to posts on Motorhead’s social media, this is a “die-cut” picture disc. Judging by the above photo, this may actually be in the shape of the “Ace Of Spades” 40th anniversary logo. Not sure how that even works on a turntable, but I don’t care. This is too cool to pass up. Expect the 4,000 copies to go quickly.

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