Petition Started To Grant Wax Trax! Records Storefront Landmark Status

A piece of Chicago music history is seeking official designation as a city landmark, and you can sign a petition to show your support.

Wax Trax! Records set up a storefront at 2449 North Lincoln Ave. in 1978. The location served as a headquarters of sorts for the record label while also being a record store to help showcase artists touring through the midwest.

Julia Nash, daughter of Wax Trax! co-founder Jim Nash, recently started an online petition to have the building designated as an official historic Chicago landmark.

“In addition to having a historic plaque outside the building with information about the influential store and independent label, the status will ensure that the building will not be demolished nor the exterior altered in the near future,” the petition states.

More than 7,600 names have signed on to show support.

The Wax Trax! record label is considered by many to be a pioneering force behind the rise of industrial music boasting releases from artists such as Ministry, Front 242 and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult.

According to the petition, Wax Trax! Records was a favorite shopping stop for touring artists counting Robert Plant, Lou Reed and the B-52s among the more notable visitors who walked through the door.

The Commission of Chicago Landmarks is set to meet on March 29. Julia Nash will be present to make a final pitch to secure the historic landmark designation for the building.

“We are trying to show those who may not know about WAX TRAX how important its history was for not only music but moving culture forward here in Chicago and beyond,” Nash posted on the Wax Trax Records Facebook page.

The Lincoln Park building was the headquarters of Wax Trax! until 1993. The address is currently home to the Lincoln Park Institute For Oral and Implant Surgery.

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