Record Store Day 2022: Inside The Numbers

The Record Store Day 2022 list is here. Let’s dive into the numbers behind the annual event and what you can expect come April 23.


The total number of special releases announced so far for Record Store Day 2022.

Legacy Records Photo


The quantity of Prince’s “The Gold Experience” that will be available as an RSD First release. “The Gold Experience,” a two-LP re-release of Prince’s 1995 album on translucent gold vinyl, is tabbed to be the most widely available title this year.


Years since the very first Record Store Day.

Modern Harmonic photo


The amount of CDs scheduled to be released for the least available Record Store Day title, “It Happened At The Hop: Edison International Doo Woppers and Sock Hoppers.” The compilation pulls together songs originally released under the Edison International label.


Record Store Day 2022 titles that will be available on June 18. Organizers will use that day as a “safety net” RSD Drop day to account for any delays in manufacturing and shipping of titles originally scheduled for April 23.

Rhino/Warner Records Photo


LPs included in the Ramones “The Sire Albums (1981-1989)” boxset. The collection, available as a Record Store Day exclusive, gathers “Pleasant Dreams,” “Subterranean Jungle,” “Too Tough To Die,” “Animal Boy,” “Halfway To Sanity” and “Brain Drain” along with an LP of rarities pressed on pink vinyl.


Categories of released on Record Store Day. Exclusives are only released at independent record stores as part of Record Store Day. RSD Firsts make their debut on shelves during Record Store Day, but also will see a wider release at a later date. Small Run/Regional Title will be more difficult to find as they are limited to specific stores.

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