Minneapolis Business Offers One-Of-A-Kind Boxes To Protect Your Vinyl

Some store their vinyl in plastic milk crates “borrowed” from the back alley of a local grocery store. Others rely on boxy Ikea shelving units that are a pain to build but offer a practical display look.

Unless you’re the crafty-type, there aren’t many options for a truly unique way to safely show-off your collection.

Minneapolis-based SuperSolid Record Box offers a wide variety of ways to tote your vinyl while also staying true to your personality.

SuperSolid creates custom record boxes to suit your tastes and keep your precious records safe when being hastily hauled outside of your listening room.

Many of the boxes are lined with patterned material that will be more successful at keeping 45s out of harms way than those flimsy paper sleeves.

SuperSolid has a wide variety of boxes currently for sale on its website. They also take custom order requests as well.

Patrick Costello, bassist for Minneapolis punk stalwarts Dillinger Four, recently took to Instagram to showoff his custom record box created by SuperSolid.

SuperSolid offers several different models that cater to different collections. You could go with a single row box for 12-inch LPs, or maybe you want to roll with a double-wide box for your small but mighty 7-inch bangers.

To view SuperSolid’s current inventory that is for sale or to inquire about custom orders, hit them up at supersolidrecordbox.com.

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