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Billings Record Store Ready To Recommend Your Next Favorite Album

It’s a tired trope when record stores play the setting in movies and TV shows: The snarky record store worker judges your music choices from behind the counter while simultaneously mocking you for not knowing an obscure band.

Don’t expect that scenario to play out at Cameron Records in Billings, Montana.

While the store at 1444 Central Ave. is still fairly new (opened in May 2019), it is already playing an integral role in educating vinyl collectors in southwestern Montana.

As soon as you walk in the front door at Cameron Records, you notice narrow sheets of paper peeking out of the top of each of the store’s neatly organized vinyl bins.

Rob Carroll photo

The paper cards are recommendations for artists that might not be familiar to the majority of the store’s customers.

Store employees select the artist, list the genre and also offer up a short list of similar artists for comparison.

Rob Carroll photo

The staff recommendations don’t stop with music. Cameron Records also can help you figure out what equipment will provide the best listening experience.

Besides vinyl, Cameron Records also specializes in vintage and newer stereo equipment including turtables from Marantz and U-Turn.

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There’s plenty to recommend within the walls of Cameron Records. The store, which is situated near the center of a strip mall, carries a hearty selection of both new and used vinyl in nearly every genre.

Pro tip: Check the sale bin near the front entrance at Cameron. You might be able to nab some hard-to-find titles, included some from recent Record Store Day event, at a favorable discount.

In addition to recorded music, you might also be able to catch live music at Cameron Records. The store regularly hosts live music on its small performance stage.

Rob Carroll photo

If it all sounds like a lot, it really is. Cameron Records is packed with vinyl, stereo equipment, clothing and even artwork.

Luckily, the store also has the perfect spot to take a break while also snapping a few selfies for the ‘Gram.

Rob Carroll photo

The “about” section at says it best, “What makes Cameron Records unique? It’s not just the curated music you find on the shelves, including thousands of new and used vinyl records, CDs and casettes. It is the dedication the the record store experience that we are excited to share with you.”

Mission accomplished.

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