Music As A Weapon: Vinyl Records Used In Deathmatch Wrestling


I try really hard to exclusively write about collecting vinyl and visiting record stores in the Midwest. But there was no way I could pass up this creative (?) use for vinyl at an event in New Jersey over the weekend.

For those unfamiliar, deathmatch wrestling is a brutal form of wrestling that incorporates various weapons into the match. The violent and blood-splattered matches are far from what you would typically see in a WWE ring on TV.

Deathmatch wrestlers use everything from barbed wire and kitchen utensils to flaming tables and thumbtacks to inflict damage to their opponents.

New York-based ICW:No Holds Barred held its Pit Fighter X3 event this past Friday at the (ahem) Blood Shed in Millville, New Jersey. Wrestlers squared off in a circular cage filled with various plunder.

Look closely at the upper right corner of the above photo and you might notice rows of 45s embedded into a board. Yep, that’s one of the many weapons that came into play on Friday night.

This looks painful.

No word on if these were original pressings or if they will be rated “fair” when they go up for resale on Discogs.

If you’re curious about what else went on during this event, a guy was thrown out a window.

And another dude was taken out by an impromptu flamethrower.

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