New Releases

Best New Vinyl and Reissues Out July 10

Here is a look at notable new releases and reissues scheduled to be available at your favorite record stores on July 10.

Bell Witch & Aerial Ruin “Stygian Bough: Volume 1”

Broadway Calls “Sad In The City”

Dance Gavin Dance “Afterburner”

Earl Sweatshirt “Feet of Clay”

Inter Arma “Garbers Day Revisited”

The Jayhawks “Xoxo”

Old Man Gloom “Seminar IX: Darkness Of Being”

Old Man Gloom “Seminar VIII: Light Of Meaning”

Margo Price “That’s How Rumors Get Started”

Rufus Wainwright “Unfollow The Rules”

Editor’s Note: As always, these dates and titles could change. So like, we hope we can still be friends with you if you don’t find what you’re looking for on Friday. At least tell your friends about this site so we can hang out with them instead.

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