10 Most Collected Albums On Vinyl According To Discogs

“‘Frampton Comes Alive?’ Everybody in the world has ‘Frampton Comes Alive.’ If you lived in the suburbs, you were issued it. It came in the mail with samples of Tide.”

Wayne Campbell may have been on to something when he uttered these lines in “Wayne’s World 2.”

While Wayne may not have ACTUALLY had a copy delivered to his home in Aurora, Illinois, the 1976 double live album from rocker Peter Frampton is among the the most collected album on vinyl according to online audio database Discogs.

For those unfamiliar with Discogs, the website is not only a database of audio recordings, but it also allows users to login and catalog their own collections.

There’s no denying the album is well-owned among collectors. It is, however, far from the top 10 most collected according to the site. “Frampton Comes Alive” currently charts at 28th for the most collected albums on vinyl.

Here are the 10 most collected albums on vinyl among Discogs users.

10. Billy Joel “The Stranger” (1977)

Columbia Records

What Discogs users say about Billy Joel’s “The Stranger”:

“Picked up my copy for $3 at a record show. Sonically, it’s one of the highest quality records I have now. Top notch mastering, great pressing. Great to listen to on vinyl. Would’ve loved to have been in the studio. Can’t believe what the engineers and musicians were able to pull off with analog gear back then.” – John Whiteker

9. Bruce Springsteen “Born In The U.S.A.” (1984)

Columbia Records

What Discogs users say about Bruce Springsteen’s “Born In The U.S.A.”:

“I’m a child of the 80s, and this album was ‘dad music’ when I was growing up. The synths sounded cheesy to my childhood ears. I recently came across a mint copy of this vinyl for $5, and I snapped it up. To my pleasant surprise, this album is actually quite fantastic, mostly in the deeper cuts.” – ZapDrack

8. Neil Young “Harvest” (1972)

Reprise Records

What Discogs users say about Neil Young’s “Harvest”:

“This is a very special and personal record for me. I’ve played these songs on guitar many many times. ‘The Needle And The Damage Done’ is an outstanding tune, and it leaves me speechless to this day.” – Francesc Borrull

7. Prince and the Revolution “Purple Rain” (1984)

Warner Brothers Records

What Discogs users say about Prince and the Revolution’s “Purple Rain”:

“It’s been said many times before, but this thing is nothing short of a masterpiece. You’re not really a music collector until you’ve got it.” – Jackson “Jman” Burnett

6. Kendrick Lamar “good kid, m.A.A.d city” (2012)

Interscope Records

What Discogs users say about Kendrick Lamar’s “good kid, m.A.A.d city”:

“‘good kid m.A.A.d city’ is one of the greatest hip-hop albums within the last 10 years. The lyrics and production of this album is so engrossing that you feel you’re right there with Kendrick while he’s telling his story.” – ThatsGoodForm

5. Jack White “Lazaretto” (2014)

Third Man Records

What Discogs users say about Jack White’s “Lazaretto”:

“Definitely doesn’t sound great, even though they boasted a 100% analog process. But, I gotta admit, the long list of little gimmicks made it enjoyable for a few minutes. Can’t blame the guy for trying to shake things up a bit, but it was probably just too much for the pressing house to do perfectly all in one LP.” – Derek Smith

4. Pink Floyd “The Dark Side Of The Moon” (1973)

Harvest Records

What Discogs users say about Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side Of The Moon”:

“On one of the darkest nights I can remember, this album saved my life. And I often think to myself that I don’t listen to it nearly enough. Whether I change that or not, this album will always be one of the nearest and dearest things to me. There are secrets here and it’s hard to say for sure exactly where they came from, but very comforting to know they are there.” – Somebedroomdj

3. Michael Jackson “Thriller” (1982)

Epic Records

What Discogs users say about Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”:

“This is the biggest selling album of all time. Enough said.” – Jacob

2. Fleetwood Mac “Rumours” (1977)

Warner Brothers Records

What Discogs users say about Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours”:

“This record is a delight from start to end. Pop rock at its max.” – Aldo Priest

1. Daft Punk “Random Access Memories” (2013)

Columbia Records

What Discogs users say about Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories”:

“So, i heard before this was one of the best albums around in terms of mastering and pressing, I have to say the expectations were met: it sounds fantastic. A must have for every audiophile. Even if you’re not into this kind of music, just to test your system!” – Filippobrandini

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