Welcome To Yeah No Great

I’m excited to welcome you to Yeah No Great.

In the coming weeks, Yeah No Great will be built into a resource for vinyl collectors in the Midwest. Think of it as your buddy at work who is there for you to talk music during your lunch break. Or maybe that cool older sister who left you her record collection before moving out of your childhood home (wait, that might just be a scene in “Almost Famous”).

Be on the lookout for profiles of record stores in the Midwest, new release info, vinyl deep dives, top 10 lists and more.

For me, part of the fun of collecting vinyl is the hunt. It’s an unexpected find in a discount bin. It’s walking through the doors of a store for the first time and being greeted by someone as if you have been among the racks there hundreds of times.

That’s what I want Yeah No Great to be – an unexpected find that is welcoming to those who are just starting to collect vinyl and the more seasoned hunters who have stalked their prey at nearly every record store in the Midwest.

Thanks for checking out this site. Please plan to check back often over the coming weeks as it continues to be filled with content.

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