Vinyl Record ASMR Videos Are Here To Help You Relax, Creep You Out

The stresses of life got you down? Need to kick back, relax and let your worries disappear?

Let me recommend some vinyl record ASMR.

According to Sleep.org, autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) describes a “tingling sensation” one feels when hearing soft, repetitive sounds.

YouTube and video hosting platforms have been flooded with ASMR videos in recent years. There’s also so audio-only versions likely available on your favorite streaming service.

Sure, you get a “tingling sensation” anytime you hear the first chords of “Enter Sandman” open Metallica’s black album. But have you ever relaxed to someone opining about how they never got to meet Elvis while giving you a walk-thru of their record collection?

Tapping and scratching are signature moves among vinyl ASMR creators. Yes, they scratch their vinyl records.

Can you feel that tingle?

Vinyl ASMR videos aren’t all about destruction. Some creators actually care about their collection and want to share their cleaning techniques.

For many vinyl collectors, flipping through a bin of records at their favorite local store is enough to relax. Maybe also enough to feel a tingle or two depending on what you find.

Unfortunately, our favorite local record stores aren’t open 24 hours. What happens when you crave a relaxing vinyl shopping spree at 3 a.m.?

Quick review: There isn’t enough chastising of the viewer’s music tastes and home stereo set-up to be an authentic record store shopping experience.

Sweet dreams, tonight.

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