Vinyl Record Display Shelves Turn Boring Walls Into Art Gallery

If you’re like me and have found yourself on more video calls this year, you’ve likely figured out you need a more sophisticated background than an unmade bed and piles of dirty laundry.

But why shell out money for expensive wall art when you have a record collection full of masterpieces to put on display?

Enter these record holders from Oaprire. These acrylic shelves are easy to hang and offer a simple solution for jazzing up your walls.

Rob Carroll photo

A two-pack of these shelves will run you $10.99 plus tax on Amazon. They’re also available in packs of four and six shelves.

Installation can be as difficult or as easy as you’d like to make it.

If you have a fear that the shelves are going to come crashing down while listening to your vinyl cranked up to 11, then maybe use the screws that come with the shelves to attach them to the wall.

Rob Carroll

Then again, maybe you’re like me and you in ability to secure screws into a drywall outweighs your fear of vinyl falling to the floor. I opted to use the adhesive strips, which were included with the shelves.

There are four adhesive pads for each shelf. While I haven’t popped a four-album record up on one of the shelves, I’m pretty confident that much adhesive will keep them in place.

Rob Carroll photo

The shelves are wide enough for gatefold album covers. And when using the adhesive pads, you won’t have to worry about screw heads pressing against your displayed vinyl.

So far, I have been swapping out my featured vinyl on the shelves on a weekly basis. They have not moved an inch since they were first attached to the wall.

This has proved to be an easy and cost effective way to freshen up the design of my listening room/home office.

Rob Carroll photo

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