RSD 2020 Drops: What We Know So Far

We know we’re not getting a proper Record Store Day in 2020 (thanks, COVID-19), but what’s happening with the RSD Drops?

Record Store Day was originally set to take place April 18. Organizers were quick to announce a reschedule date of June 10 back in March.

Of course, that is not happening either. Instead, we will be getting three RSD Drops featuring select titles that were originally scheduled for this year’s Record Store Day.

Here’s what we know so far…

When are the RSD Drops?

According to the Record Store Day website, the three drops are scheduled for Aug. 29, Sept. 26 and Oct. 24

When will the titles be announced?

The date assignments for each Record Store Day release will be announced June 1.

How will the records be divided between the drops?

Details have been sparse. The website for Canada’s version of Record Store Day gives a little insight on what to expect as it says “organizers are working with artists, labels and distribution companies to determine the new release schedule and make sure that each RSD Drop date has an exciting mix of artists and genres.”

What releases are scheduled for the RSD Drops?

Expect the previously announced Record Store Day 2020 releases that were originally set to hit shelves on April 18. You can get the full list here.

How will we be able to get RSD Drop releases when not all record stores are open to the public yet?

That will likely depend on the current guidelines in your area. That could mean some stores in the Midwest might be open to the public while others are fulfilling curbside orders.

What are the best Record Store Day releases this year?

Find your favorites on the RSD release list or check out my top choices here.

Will there be an RSD Black Friday event this year?

Obviously, it’s tough to predict where we will be as far as public gatherings in November. The Record Store Day Canada website is reporting that RSD Black Friday is being planned is scheduled to take place Nov. 27.

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