Ed McArdle via YouTube

Midwest Record Stores Have Some of the Best Vintage TV Commercials

Sure, this blog could be seen as being a little biased toward the Midwest. But gosh darn it, these vintage record store commercials from stores in Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota really are the best.

Let’s start our journey at Heavy Metal Unlimited in Saginaw, Michigan where this young metalhead just wants to add some Slayer to his collection. Don’t you DARE suggest anything from Sade or *gasp* Rod Stewart.

Next, let’s head to Champaign, Illinois where “rock n’ rollers” will “do anything to get on TV.” Apparently, that did not include ACTUALLY going inside Co-Op Records for this commercial. Instead, we have some musicians kicking back at what appears to be a local restaurant before hilarity (?) ensues. TRIGGER WARNING: Damage to vinyl records.

Our last stop is south Minneapolis where Fancy Ray McLoney is ready to “turn that dusty vinyl into gold” at Treehouse Records. Yeah, it’s a bold statement, but Fancy Ray seems to know what he is talking about. The guy is a Minneapolis commercial legend and former Minnesota gubernatorial candidate. Seriously. His 919 votes were unfortunately not enough to defeat Jesse Ventura in 1988.

While Heavy Metal Unlimited and Treehouse Records are no longer with us *sky point*, there are still a few Co-Op Records locations scattered around the Midwest for you … um… rock n’ rollers. Just watch your step if you plan to use the upstairs exit at the Co-Op Records in Pekin, Illinois.

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