Try This Trick To Avoid Pesky Outer Record Sleeve Slippage

Outer record sleeve slippage sounds like an embarrassing and incurable malady. But really it is the best way I can describe something I find to be a HUGE annoyance as a vinyl record collector.

It’s this:


Rob Carroll photos



I’m talking about how that protective outer sleeve that never seems to stay on when sliding a record back on to the shelf.

You’ve likely had to deal with this. And you know that the more packed your shelves get with records, the harder its going to be to avoid outer record sleeve slippage.

Thankfully, the hero we all need has made a video showing us the easiest way to store records in protective outer sleeves.

I’m not sure about keeping the record out of the inner sleeve, I like to think I am careful enough handling my vinyl that I shouldn’t need to do this.

The idea of having the opening at the top with the record behind the cover, however, is actually quite clever.

But remember, only you can prevent outer record sleeve slippage.

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